Audrey Shemesh Ravia - Law Office Practice all areas of civil law , including:

Real Estate:

Serves as legal counsel of the Tel Aviv Municipality, on behalf of the Israel Bar Association, in the field of leasing and public housing law for the past six years.
As part of this specialization, I provide professional legal advice to the residents of the city, review contracts, and deal with claims submitted to the appropriate courts .

  • Consulting  to apartment renters (ongoing or one time cinsulting).
  • consulting for real estate buying  Including writing and signing an agreement.



Labor Law:

  • Representation of employees versus employers in the Labor Court.
  • Consulting and writing Work contracts.



Wills and Elder Law:

  • Making wills
  • Estate management
  • Submission of applications for a succession order
  • applications for probate
  • Handling objections to requests for succession / probate orders



Execution Law:

  • Representation of debtors and creditors at  the Execution Office